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About this item

Heavy-Duty PVC Comfort Mesh Seating

16 Quart Floating Inflatable Cooler Included, Detachable

Patented Speed Safety Valve for Fast Inflation and Deflation

Contoured Back and Arm Rests, Built-in Molded Cup Holders

PVC Anchor Bag, Molded PVC Boarding Handles

Product Description

Fiesta Island Inflatable Eight Person Lounge
Party in the water or off the water. The Fiesta Private Island has room for eight with cup holders all around and a comfortable mesh bottom surface. You can enjoy the inflated contoured backrests in the water, or sit on the floating platform portion and just let your toes go for a dip. The improved construction of this inflatable lounge tube now includes a central air chamber for extra support.

Not only does the Fiesta Island include the eight-person raft, but it also comes with a 16-quart inflatable floating cooler, so your favorite beverage is always nearby. Enjoy the cooler next to the Island, or detach it and use it wherever your adventures take you. The Fiesta is a party and anything goes!


  • 11.5ft x 11.5ft
  • Seats up to 8 People
  • 8 cupholders
  • Contoured backrests
  • Includes 16-quart inflatable floating cooler (detachable)
  • Cover is 100% PVC

Customer questions & answers

Question: how much does it weight?
Answer: Shipping weight is just under 65 pounds. Two people can carry it when inflated using the built in handles on the raft but I suggest 1 person for each corner if you are moving it any distance and if it is windy.

Question: salt Water use, can it be left in the water for extended periods of time? I’ve rays, constant heat and bottom growth.
Answer: I wouldn’t recommend leaving in the water for extended periods, the sun will kill it! We used ours in the tropical sea and washed it in fresh water after two or three hours use per day.
There are products available to paint on and protect the material, I can’t remember the name but I did try one and didn’t like how it made the raft feel to the touch. Better idea is to cover after use.

Question: Can it be used in a calm sea? How much does it weight?
Answer: Yes, we used it regularly this summer in the ocean but the seas need to be calm - bay areas that are protected work best. It's heavy, I think you can find the weight under details/dimensions online. Definitely takes at least two people to maneuver around on dry land.

Question: How can I store it? Does it have a special bag or i have to store it in the Box?
Answer: We started putting it back in the box, but now we have a plastic bin to put it in. It doesn't come with a separate bag or anything. We had bets going about whether or not it would go back it the box. It did!! We LOVE it!!

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