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Right out of a fairytale story, this playhouse for toddlers features a charming design and realistic detailing.

Molded-in stonework, thatched roof, and other details add to the forest-cottage theme.

Kitchenette includes molded-in sink with faucet, pretend stovetop with clickable knobs, and even a kitchen table that folds up when not in use.

Little ones will love to pretend play with friends in this large outdoor playhouse for toddlers!

In the box: Playhouse with kitchenette and fold-down table, front door and window shutter set, decals, electronic play phone and doorbell.

Product Description

Play Together!

  • Fairytale Storytime: Using the playhouse as the backdrop to your child’s fairytale, talk with them about their make-believe world. What is their name and favorite thing to do in their space? Are they a princess or prince of a forest kingdom? Did they find the playhouse during a magical mission from a special character? The possibilities are endless!
  • House Role Play: Pretend to be a neighbor to your child’s very own home! Ring the doorbell to announce your arrival and chat about what’s new in the neighborhood or what they’re doing at home today.
  • Restaurant Role Play: Be a customer in your child’s own restaurant! Let them tell you what is on the menu and place your order. Make sure to ask them lots of questions as they get cooking and give special requests to encourage their critical thinking.

Customer questions & answers

Question: can a 5 year old play in this?
Answer: I would say Yes, My 4 year old granddaughter plays with her 7 year old brother.
They might have to bend over to get thru the door but should be able to stand up inside.

Question: I'm sorry and embarrass to ask but what does this mean? 50.5" wide x 55" long x 64.2" tall, is that in feet and inches which would be easier.
Answer: Yes that would be 4 foot 2.4 inches wide x 4 foot 6 inches long x and 5 foot 5 inches tall. It is pretty big for plastic playhouse.

Question: what are the measurement of this?
Answer: The dimensions listed under the product description, 50.5" wide x 55" long x 64.2" tall, are accurate. Once assembled it can be moved by one adult although two would make the job easier.

Question: How wide is the front window?
Answer: Approximately 15-16 inches

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